HTC Appoints Benjamin Ho As New Chief Marketing Officer

HTC announced today that it has appointed a new chief marketing officer for its company. Benjamin Ho will be taking the reigns when current CMO John Wang steps down from his position in December. Benjamin Ho brings an impressive resume with him to HTC. He was the former vice president of business strategy and marketing at Far EasTone Telecommunications, and he was vice president and chief marketing officer for Motorola Asia Pacific Ltd.

Benjamin Ho will bring an exciting change to HTC’s marketing strategies. His first project is dubbed internally as “Marketing 2.0″, which HTC says will focus mainly on “holistic marketing and mass-market brand outreach”.

HTC CEO Peter Chou said,

“We welcome Benjamin to HTC and look forward to integrating the global marketing capabilities he brings to the company. Our growing brand, centered around our world-class innovation and design capabilities, will provide a global platform not just for HTC, but for Taiwan culture and innovation.”

HTC brought Benjamin Ho in because it knows that it needs to be more aggressive with their marketing, especially when companies like Samsung and Apple are taking the top spots in the smartphone market. HTC announced back in October that their profits fell 79%. HTC also stated that they expect their Q4 quarterly revenues to lower another 14.5%.

Alongside appointing Benjamin Ho as the new CMO, they have removed Jason Mackenzie, president of global sales and marketing, from his marketing duties and are making him focus 100% on global sales.

Benjamin Ho will start his new position as CMO in January. We look forward to how he will revamp HTC’s marketing strategies.

Sources: The Next Web & Tech Crunch

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