HTC DROID DNA Rooted, Has Custom Recovery And Custom Kernel Ready To Install

The HTC DROID DNA has been getting a lot of press, and rightfully so. But now the news for it is a little different: developers have already achieved root and flashable custom kernels are recoveries. The phone hasn’t even come out yet, and they have everything working. Wonderful community we have, isn’t it?

The DNA’s bootloader can officially be unlocked, but you will not be able to achieve S-OFF right now. This means you can’t write to your /system partition. However, you can now flash custom ROMs through your custom recovery. So until S-OFF is achieved, it’ll all have to be done in recovery.

This procedure may be dangerous, so proceed at your own risk (in the future!). You’ll have to first unlock the bootloader at Then you flash the custom kernel with fastbook, then recovery with fastbook, and flash a zip containing root files in recovery. Do those in that order. All files can be found in the source links!

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