HTC Germany’s Facebook States HTC Deluxe Not Coming To Europe, Could Very Well Be Wrong

The HTC DROID DNA might be HTC’s best device in a while, but it’s a Verizon only device. There is also the HTC J Butterfly for Japan, but Europe was left out. However, the HTC Deluxe seemed to be the answer, as the international model of the HTC DROID DNA. But in a strange twist of news, HTC Germany stated that the Deluxe will not be coming to Europe.

Now, it’s quite often that regional Facebook pages for manufacturers spit out false information. Remember that exchange between a few of LG’s regional pages (like these) about the Optimus 2X ICS update? This could very well be the case, with the person in charge of the page simply being uninformed. The HTC Deluxe might still be on track for a release, and we dearly hope so. HTC needs to sell this phone everywhere, as it could be their best chance of bouncing back.

Are you guys excited for the HTC Deluxe out there in Europe? Tell us in the comments!


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