HTC HD2 Gets Windows Phone 8 Port, Proves Immortality

The HTC HD2 is an absolute legend. Launched with Windows Mobile 6.5 and an absolutely massive screen size (for its time), it was an extremely popular device. However, WM6.5 did not suit people, so they hacked on Android, along with a bunch of proprietary skins. They also got Meego to run on it. And various distros of Linux, and Windows Phone 7, 7.5, and 7.8. Basically, you can run almost anything on the HD2 if you are so inclined, its development is still crazy.

This time, the HD2 is in the news because someone ported Windows Phone 8 to it. Yes, while your one trick pony flagship Android phones are stuck on Android, and might just get Ubuntu, the HD2 will run everything thrown at it. Here are some words for the developer:

“For now it’s actually just a proof of concept.
I honestly dunno how far it can goes forward; a lot of problems appear and not sure will be it’s possible to solve them.
And not only to solve them, but get an acceptable user experience.

It was implied as “a crazy experiment” at the start up time

For now it’s implemented only few functionality like SD card, screen output, touch screen input.
All other things are not working. I won’t add “YET” it can be very hard to get some things to work.
and DFT didn’t yet decided about future developments in that direction.”

So yes, it is just a proof of concept and might never be fully working. But the fact that they got it booting at all, especially on a 1 GHz original Snapdragon, is incredible. Hit the source link for the original thread, and tell us what you think.

XDA-Developers | XDA Portal

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