HTC One X+ And One VX Launching On AT&T November 16th, Pre-Order The One X+ Tomorrow

AT&T is really on top of releasing new phones (and some of the best ones, too). This time, HTC has the spotlight. They are releasing both the One X+ and the One VX on November 16th. The One X+ will sell for $200 on contract. For that money you get the universally loved 4.7″ 720P Super LCD2, a brand new and upgraded Tegra 3, and a bigger battery. The One VX will go for only $50 on contract and offers a 4.5″ qHD Super LCD2 and a dual core processor. Great deal for a good phone. You’ll be able to pre-order the One X+ tomorrow too, if you are so inclined. Will any of you purchase either phone?


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