HTC Posts FAQ On Jelly Bean Updates

We’re sure many people are wondering if their HTC phone will ever get Jelly Bean, and HTC has set out to answer a few questions. Of course, they don’t have all the answers, but that’s understandable.

They say that besides the HTC One X and One S, other 2012 phones will be evaluated for the Jelly Bean update. After that, they’ll consider updating a few 2011 devices too, though I doubt any 2011 devices will make the cut. But we can stay hopeful.

They also take the time to explain that carriers have a big say in the updates, including customizing and testing the software. This is true, carriers are very demanding. Then they drop a bombshell: The HTC One V and Desire C will not be getting the Jelly Bean update. At first, I was a bit mad. Now I’m just disappointed. They’re fairly new devices and they run ICS. Jelly Bean did not include much higher spec requirements, and if a device can run Ice Cream Sandwich, it can run Jelly Bean. Consider this: Motorola and Samsung refused to update any device with 512MB of RAM to Ice Cream Sandwich, stating they’re too weak. ICS was a huge jump up from Gingerbread. However, they already run ICS and it’s a small bump to Jelly Bean, so I can’t help but feel that’s forced obsolescence.

HTC explains that they will be posting development ROMs on the HTCdev site for those who want to mess with their unlocked devices. This is definitely a good thing, a few early releases here and there couldn’t hurt the development community.

So what do you guys think? We’re curious to hear your thoughts on the One V and Desire C not getting Jelly Bean, despite already running Ice Cream Sandwich. Comment down below!

HTC Jelly Bean FAQ

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