HTC Posts One X+ Promotional Video To YouTube, Highlights Best Features

HTC continues to face an uphill battle to stay relevant in the Android game, and so they are putting their best foot forward with the HTC One X+. While we’re still a little puzzled that HTC is limiting the One X+ to a sole carrier in the US with AT&T, the device itself is certainly a beautiful piece of hardware with plenty of horsepower to give the Galaxy S III a run for its money.

With that in mind, HTC has posted a brief look at the upcoming AT&T device with a brand new promo video that highlights longer battery life, faster/better performance, the already great camera and more.

Our best-rated Android phone just got even better with invigorated muscle packed into a blazing 1.7GHz quad-core processor for 67% faster performance. HTC One X+ offers uncompromised response to your multiple demands starting with doubled internal storage: 64GB worth. And, it’s our longest battery life yet—up to 50% longer—with high-stamina performance and up to 6 hours more talk time.


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