IDC: iPhone And Android Surpasses Blackberry In Enterprise

The hits just keep on coming for Blackberry. It looks like Blackberry will lose its top spot in the world of enterprise thanks to the overwhelming demand for iPhones and Android phones. The IDC reported that for the first time in 2012, iPhones and Android phones will surpass Blackberries in enterprise.

IDC forecasted that employee-liable (employee bought) Android phone shipments will reach 87.7 million and employee-liable iPhone shipments will reach 37.1 million. Those numbers completely overshadows Blackberry’s 5.2 million employee-liable handset shipments.

They also forecasted that corporate-liable (business bought) Android handsets will reach 15.1 million this year which is outdone by iPhone’s corporate-liable handsets total of 31.1 million shipments. Both still surpass Blackberry’s corporate-liable shipments of 14.8 million handsets.

IDC said Blackberry is still the gold standard for security in enterprise, but the declining interest from consumers “hinders its viability going foward”. RIM was the leader in corporate-liable handsets last year, shipping over 22.4 million handsets. They’re betting everything on Blackberry 10 and they’re hoping that their innovative, revamped OS will re-kindle the consumers love for Blackberries.

Source: Apple Insider & Fierce Wireless

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