Know When Your Favorite Android Apps Go On Sale

If there is an app in the Play Store that you’re eyeing, but you don’t want to pay the full asking price for it, there’s an app for that (don’t sue me Apple).

AppWatch is a free app that notifies you when the app you want goes on sale. All you have to do is press the plus sign in AppWatch to search for the app you want to monitor. Alternatively, you can also search for the app on Google Play and use the “share” button to share the app with AppWatch. After the app has been added, AppWatch will then periodically check to see if there are any updates to your watched apps.

Not only does AppWatch notify you of sales, it also lets you know when an app will be supported on your device and when an app is updated with new features. It’s a nifty, all-in-one package for app updates.

If you’re interested in AppWatch, head on over to the Play Store right now.

Lifehacker via Google Play

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