LG Offering Nexus 4 For Hundreds More, Spanish Retailer Phone House Suspends Plans To Sell It

We know that Google is selling their Nexus devices just to break even, and not to make money off of them. Just like Amazon, they sell their devices cheap and make it up by selling content on their respective stores. It’s a process that benefits both the user and the companies involved. And instead of limiting it to one manufacturer and possibly hurting others, Google has extended the honor of making a Nexus device to three manufacturers. However, it seems that LG isn’t playing along very well.

Phone House is a Spanish retailer, and they have announced that they have suspended their plans to sell the Nexus 4. They say that they have learned that LG is selling the Nexus 4 for a much higher price than Google. So while the Nexus 4 is €299/€349 for the 8/16GB models on the Play Store, LG is allegedly selling them at €599. That’s a fairly standard price for unlocked phones, but double what it goes for on the Google Play Store.

The problem is worse in places like Italy and Austria, since the Nexus 4 has not been announced in those areas. In Austria, a 16GB Nexus 4 costs €549, a whole €200 more expensive. Why doesn’t Google demand that LG not sell it on their own? It is technically Google’s phone, as it holds the Nexus branding. What do you guys think of the situation? Should Google take charge? Or does LG have the right to sell it for that high?

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