Lockscreen Policy App Allows You To Disable Lockscreen Widgets And Camera Access On Android 4.2

Do you have a Nexus device and have been upgraded to the latest and greatest, Android 4.2? Are you unhappy with the latest changes to the lockscreen? If you are, we understand. While we enjoy lockscreen widgets and the new camera access method, they aren’t for everyone. They also pose a possible security risk, depending on how you use them.

A new app called Lockscreen Policy aims to change that. With this app, you can disable lockscreen widgets and camera access, turning your lockscreen into the simple one we came to know and love in earlier Android versions (albeit with a clock that’s sure to greatly upset many). You’ll have to make the app an administrator first, but after that it’s just a few clicks and you’re done. It’s free, so grab it from the source link if you want to disable these features!

Play Store: Lockscreen Policy | Android Police

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