Microsoft CEO Calls Android Platform “Wild” And “Uncontrolled”

It’s truly amazing at this point that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is allowed to speak in public as he’s so prone to take cheap shots at competitors. There’s little doubt that Microsoft was a smartphone industry leader prior to 2007 with Windows Mobile, but now that Windows Phone has single digit market share, his Ballmer-ness is apt to take shots at Android calling it “wild, uncontrolled and susceptible to Malware” during an interview with LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman.

Is there nobody in Microsoft’s HQ that is willing to stand up and tell Ballmer that that until Windows Phone 8 has any kind of market share that puts it on anyones radar that he should just shut up? Its true that this isn’t the the first time we’ve seen these accusations thrown at Android and they won’t be the last, but when its Microsoft’s CEO doing the talking, it just drives me crazy.

Ballmer hopes he can put Windows Phone on the map as a bona-fide competitor to Android and iOS and there’s plenty about Windows Phone to like, but when it comes to consumer products this guy should just stop talking. Besides, this is the same Steve Ballmer that once laughed at the unveiling of the iPhone which, along with the advent of Android has decimated Microsoft’s place in the smartphone ecosystem.

Steve, just stop talking.


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