Minecraft Pocket Edition Updated, Adds Zombie Pigmen And Exclusive Nether Reactor

Minecraft is notorious for being released as an alpha on PC, lacking 99% of the features it has no. Slowly, Mojang added features as the game progressed from alpha to beta to a full 1.0 release. Even now, it’s still getting new stuff. Minecraft Pocket Edition doesn’t deviate from the award winning (if not a bit frustrating) formula, having been released almost completely devoid of features. And just like the PC version, it slowly built up features, update after update. Today, it gets a few cool treats.

In version 0.5.0, they added paintings, mushroom farming, zombie pigmen, and the Nether Reactor. The Nether Reactor is actually an exclusive feature to the pocket edition. There are also a ton of bug fixes. Grab the update from the source link. It’s really getting to be an awesome mobile game, and my interest has personally been renewed. After spending countless months endlessly playing the PC version, I think I’ll go binge on it with my Nexus 7. Brb disappearing.

Play Store: Minecraft Pocket Edition | Android Police

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