Mysterious LG Device With Model F240 Shows Up In Benchmarks With 1080p Display

With all the buzz about 1080p displays, like Samsung starting production of their own and HTC releasing a 1080p phone soon, it looks like LG might be joining in too. A leak of results from GLBenchmark shows off a mysterious LG device we’ve never heard of, the LG F240.

The F240 will have a 1080p display paired with a Snapdragon S4 Pro at 1.5 GHz. Seems a lot like a higher resolution Optimus G, but maybe it’s an LG Optimus Vu replacement to compete with the Galaxy Note II, though that’s farfetched since the Vu II hasn’t come out yet. It could also be faked, we really don’t know. But tell us your thoughts on an LG device with a 1080p display. Would you buy it?


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