New Supplier Report Indicates ASUS Could Ship More Than Five Million Nexus 7 Tablets This Year

While ASUS has already estimated that Nexus 7 tablet shipments were approaching the magical one million units shipped number for the month of October, it’s a new supplier report that really has our attention. According to Digitimes, ASUS suppliers report that the company will ship upwards of five million Nexus 7 units during the course of 2012. For a device that’s only been around since July, that’s a pretty admirable feat and ASUS should feel good about how the Nexus is performing.

ASUS hopes that sales will continue to be strong through the end of the year and with the ever important holiday season just around the corner, we expect the momentum they’ve built on will continue. With a price drop on WiFi models and the inclusion of an unlocked HSPA+ capable model, customers have better pricing and more options with which to grab a Nexus 7 tablet than ever before. We’ll certainly be looking to see what ASUS reports after the end of the year.

Android Central via Digitimes

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