Nexus 10 Spotted At Walmart – Earlier Than November 13 Release Date

Google’s Nexus 10 will be made available on November 13th on the Play Store, however, for future customers interested in getting the 10-inch tablet sooner Walmart may be an option. Apparently late last night a shopper discovered Google’s newest tab for display with product label and all. While the shopper wasn’t able to purchase the Nexus 10 (the source indicated that there wasn’t anybody around to help), the fact that the Nexus 10 is on display could point to a possible sale coming prior to the launch date.

The label displayed the expected $499 for the 32GB model. Please keep in mind that most retailers do in fact have secrutity measures to prevent sales prior to a release date utilizing a POS lockout at the register. Iit isn’t quite known if the Nexus 10 falls into this category, however, customers might be able to take advantage of getting a unit early if Google didn’t have strict release date guidelines. Nevertheless, it’s only a matter of days before customers and Android fanatics alike can order what will be the most coveted reference tablet in the game.

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