Nexus 4 Gets Official CyanogenMod Nightlies With Nexus 10 Following Soon

This has been coming for a while. As soon as Android 4.2 hit AOSP, people have been waiting. And of course, the beautiful folks at CyanogenMod have been working. The fruits of their labor are now available to us; CyanogenMod 10.1 for the Nexus 4 is here! Ok, so it’s only been two weeks. Yes, we’re being dramatic. But this is a big deal.

No matter how much we love Android, we know that Android 4.2 is not the best update we could have gotten. It has its fair share of bugs and annoying/unfinished features. It isn’t perfect, and we are fine with admitting that. This is where CyanogenMod comes in. They provide a ROM that can be customized to your hearts content, and that’s all we ever want from Android.

Thought this nightly was released today, it is actually not based on the 4.2.1 build most Nexus 4′s are running today. It is based on 4.2, and 4.2.1 should come soon (it’s a very small change in source code). However, the important thing is that nightlies have begun to be made and they will only get better with time. Hit the source link to download the ROM for your Nexus 4!

CyanogenMod | Gooogle+: CyanogenMod | Phandroid

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