Non-NFC Wallet App Hitting All 2.3.3+ Devices, Controls Physical Wallet Card

Google’s official support site for Google Wallet has pretty much confirmed the physical Google Wallet card (as if we weren’t already sure!). We reported on the card earlier, but now we have even bigger news. A new Google Wallet app sans NFC support will hit all Android devices running 2.3.3 or later. This means that the app will be able to control the physical Wallet card, switching between your credit and debit cards on the fly. This also brings Google Wallet to an absolutely massive audience, exactly what Google wants.

To me, that seems like the perfect scenario. Consolidating all of your payment cards into your Wallet account and carrying around one single card. Before paying, you can choose the card you want to use in your phone, or just leave it to use the default one (something most people will do a majority of the time). And considering anyone with a 2.3.3 device or higher can have one, that’s most of Android users.

Google was so slow in pushing Google Wallet before, it was pretty much an afterthought. However, with some competition arising, Google is pushing so aggressively. Their efforts are working too: when the card will be released, I can’t imagine how much traction this will get. Will you be using this system? Tell us down below!

Google Wallet Support | Android Police

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