Nook HD+ Gets Bootloader Unlocked

This is definitely a bittersweet story. Considering how hackable the original Nook Color was, we were hoping that the new Nook HD and HD+ would be bootloader unlocked. Barnes & Noble made a killing on the Color, and many people bought it just to have a fully stock Android tablet. Granted, the subsidization was in exchange for using B&N services, just like Amazon subsidizes their Kindle HD so you can use their services, and Google doing the same for the Nexus 7 for you to use the Play Store. So it isn’t quite fair to hack the B&N and Amazon tablets, and I can understand why they lock bootloaders.

However, in the case of the Nook HD+, it didn’t stop one developer. He posts a video of a Nook HD+ with no OS on it, showing off a custom secondary bootloader image simply saying “Cyanogen is coming soon.” To keep the bootloader unlocked, you’ll currently need a custom formatted microSD in at every boot, but they may very well get around that.

If you’re a developer, you should go help with the porting of CyanogenMod and getting around these bootloader restrictions. If you’re a user, you just watch the developers work their magic on yet another device that was never meant to be hacked. And maybe a Nook will be your next stock Android tablet!

Also what’s with that doll…

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