NVIDIA TegraZone Reaches 6 Million Downloads

According to Android Guys, NVIDIA’s TegraZone has just reached their 6 million download milestone. Most of this is probably thanks to all of you Nexus 7 owners out there with your NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processors, so kudos to all of you.

It was just two months ago that NVIDIA’s TegraZone reached 5 million downloads, so it’s good to know that downloads and sales have been climbing up consistently for them. Perhaps NVIDIA’s one of the major reasons why Google Play’s revenue increase 311% this past year.

You can browse NVIDIA TegraZone’s wide selection of apps either through their Android app itself or straight through the TegraZone website. Congrats to NVIDIA for reaching such a huge milestone, and perhaps they will thank their fans by having a promotional sale or something *fingers crossed*.

Source: Android Guys

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