Play Store Availability Checker Tool Released For You To Refresh Obsessively

When the new Nexus devices launched, we all know what happened. The Play Store freaked out, the Nexus 4 was completely sold out within half an hour, and it was an absolute mess. However, if you didn’t buy a Nexus 4 then, you’re out of luck now. Even those who bought one and were denied a Nexus 4 will get one shipped out in a few weeks. If you want to buy it, you’ll have to do it the moment it becomes available. This means you’ll need some help, in the form of this availability checker tool.

This tool simply allows you to check the availability of any device in the Play Store by country. If you suddenly see the Nexus 4 showing up available, you buy it. You buy it that instant. For now, you’ll just have to sit endlessly hitting the refresh button. Have fun!

Play Store Availability Checker | Pocket Now

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