Plume Joins Many Apps In Adding Android 4.2 Lockscreen Widgets

Every since Android 4.2 was released, developers have been rushing to integrate lockscreen widgets into their apps. From HD Widgets to Falcon, we’ve seen a lot of new support. Today, Plume released an update with lockscreen widgets. Plume is my favorite Twitter client, so I’m very happy about this.

Aside from the (old and a bit outdated) widget, there are also a few new improvements in the app itself. Here’s a quick list:
- add a lockscreen widget on Android 4.2
- fix the widget context on Android 4.2
- fix the display of the DM recipient
- fix Facebook timeline not updating in some case
- fix unread list item appearing multiple times
- improve the picture cache coherence
- make Halloween notification sound available all the time

Grab the update from the Play Store link, or if you haven’t tried Plume, download the app and give it a spin. It’s free, so it can’t hurt you. And if you want to support them, there is a premium version for $5 without ads.

Play: Plume for Twitter | Play: Plume Premium for Twitter ($4.99) | Android Police

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