Popular Twitter Client Tweet Lanes To Stop Development Due To Twitter Restrictions

Unfortunately, we can chalk yet another victim to Twitter’s 100,000-user to limit at Tweet Lanes developer Chris Lacy writes that he will stop active development of the app.

As many reading this will be aware, Twitter have begun enforcing limits on 3rd party clients like Tweet Lanes, capping them at 100,000 user tokens. I have reached out to Twitter to see whether there might be some way I could be issued with more tokens, but I have been informed that Tweet Lanes will not be granted an exemption past this 100,000 limit.

So it saddens me greatly to announce that going forward, I won’t be actively developing Tweet Lanes as I have to this point. The cold hard reality is that with this immovable, 100,000 user ceiling, my plans for growing and eventually monetizing the app are no longer feasible.

This will likely be disappointing news for many of you, but given I spent a good chunk of my spare time for 10+ months working on this app, believe me when I say this decision pains me more than it does anyone else.


Going forward, I will still use Tweet Lanes as my daily driver, and I do plan to fix bugs and add new features as time permits. Also, if/when I finish the App.net port, I will absolutely update Tweet Lanes with any new features. If some circumstance arises where Twitter’s API restrictions are relaxed, it is highly likely I will resume active development.

Finally, I would like to thank each and every person who has used Tweet Lanes, and especially those who have graciously donated to support the app, and spent their time providing me feedback and encouragement. Without sounding soppy, that alone has been reward enough to make this experience worthwhile for me. I hope to continue to hear from you all going forward as I work on future projects.

Twitter’s new API policy will begin taking place in March of next year, but isn’t the first victim to fall at the hands of Twitter’s egregious new rules, nor will it be the last. Lacy does say that he will continue to push out bug fixes and some new features, but won’t push out a number of features he had hoped would make Tweet Lanes a second-to-none client on Android.

Lacy’s full post is below and feel free to tell the folks at Twitter how you feel about their rules pushing out yet another promising client. Twitter clearly doesn’t remember how they got this far and seems ignorant of how many bridges they continue to burn on their way to developing a uniform code.

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