Reminder: Nexus 4 And 10 Go On Sale Tomorrow, Will Probably Sell Out

Tomorrow’s the big day we’ve been waiting for. That’s right, we’re just a few short hours from Tuesday, November 13th, when Google will be making both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 available for purchase. Google Play won’t be the only place to purchase the shiny new devices, as retailers like Staples will also be carrying it. However, we’re not sure what variants other retailers will have, nor the stock amounts.

As for the Nexus devices, if you’re planning to grab one from Play, be prepared. The Nexus 4 will undoubtably sell out within an hour, and there’s a good chance the Nexus 10 will overnight as well. Nothing is assured, but with the bang-for-your-buck they each offer, it’s a mighty tempting offer for many.

As for times, we’re not quite sure when Google will be opening up orders. It could be at 12PM Eastern Time, or 12PM Pacific time. Hell, for all we know it could be at 8AM. Any really desiring a Nexus 4 should be ready for quite the night, with a stable browser ready. Nothing worse than getting to the checkout and the page randomly refreshers.

Now that we’ve got the rundown out of the way, when do you think Google will make the pages live? What Nexus device will you be grabbing? Is it really worth the lost sleep to get a device at launch? What form of caffeine will keep you energized throughout the night? These questions are what the comments are for folks, have at it.

Grab the Nexus devices here.

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