Robotic Pants Sitting On Smartphones? That’s How Samsung Stress Tests Their Phones

If you’ve ever watched a cheesy sci-fi movie then you know that in the future, we’re all going to be robots. But just how well can our smartphones of today hold up to a robotic backside squashing them? Well, if Samsung has anything to do with it, then pretty well indeed.

The video you see below was released by Samsung yesterday and shows some of the ways that they stress tested the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II as well as a small glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro. But this isn’t your boring average stress test. Oh no, Samsung is inflicting the phones with punishment ranging from pressing the home button 20,000 times all the way to having a weighted robotic posterior using the phone as a cozy cushion (I get a chuckle every time I write that). But getting serious, these are some excellent tests of things that could easily be real world incidents. And the way that the devices held up to the tests, even having simulated rain sprinkled on them, was amazing. While Samsung’s build quality may seem a bit cheap, it’s obviously practical if it can withstand these kinds of tests.

Still, there’s just something about a pair of robotic pants that gives me a good laugh. If you’re interested in how they stress test or just want to be amused by robotic pants (Seriously, that will never fail to crack me up), then check out the video below. In the meantime, feel free to let us know some of the things that you’ve managed to do to your phone down in the comments section below!

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