Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Be Unveiled at CES In January With A 5 Inch 1080p Display

Surprisingly, we haven’t seen a Galaxy S IV rumor in a while. Skeptic hat, I missed you. Asia Economics reports that Samsung is planning to release their Galaxy S IV with a 5 inch 1920×1080 HD Super AMOLED display. This rumor is not very farfetched, as HTC is already releasing a 5″ 1080p phone, with Sony and LG planning to do the same. However, I can’t imagine it being easy to manufacture an AMOLED panel with that density.

It’s a pretty easy rumor to make, as all manufacturers just want higher density displays in their phones and 1080p is where the market is moving. And with Samsung’s Nexus 10 having the highest resolution panel of any consumer tablet, they might pull the same deal with their phones. I just wish it wasn’t a 5″ device, it’s too big for a flagship (someone says this every year). Leave the 4.8″, throw in a 1080p display, and claim the crown for densest display.

They also say that the phone will be announced at CES this January, contrasting other rumors claiming it’ll be announced at Mobile World Congress. The MWC rumors are more solid, considering that the Galaxy S II was announced there. We’ll see if any of these rumors are true, but for now, we wait for official info.


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