Samsung Galaxy Camera, HTC One X+, And HTC One VX All Launch On AT&T Today

AT&T has a few great launches up its sleeve today. First up is the Samsung Galaxy Camera. You’ll be getting a 16MP sensor with a 21x zoom lens in a point and shoot form factor. To control it all, you’ll be greeted with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz on top, all on a 4.8″ 720p Super Clear LCD. With a quad core Exynos processor inside, the camera will fly. For $500 (or $400 if you buy a Samsung smartphone with it), it’ll put a sizable dent in your pocket.

Then we have the HTC One X+ and the One VX. The One X+ features a new Tegra 3 processor, a bigger battery, and that same 4.7″ 720p S-LCD2 display that everyone knows and loves. However, for $199.99 on contract, you get 64GB of storage. Can’t complain about the lack of a microSD card slot now, can ya?

The One VX will be only $49.99 on contract, filling in the lower end spectrum right below the original One X, which is now priced at $99.99 It will be a good lower end device for newer Android users. Will you be getting any of these three new devices?

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