Samsung Galaxy Camera With LTE Headed For Verizon Wireless

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Camera is an outstanding, sleek camera with specs that surpass most of the smartphones on the market right now, but there is one major drawback that it has; it lacks LTE. The HSPA+ that the current Samsung Galaxy Camera touts is great and all, but when it comes to uploading massive amounts of high quality photos, LTE will definitely do a better job.

Luckily Samsung is on top of things. A new Samsung Galaxy Camera, code-named A3LEKGC120, has recently been submitted through the FCC awaiting its approval. It contains the LTE band capable of operating under Verizon’s 700 MHz LTE spectrum. It’s not 100% confirmed by Samsung or Verizon whether or not the Samsung Galaxy Camera will be heading to Verizon Wireless, but we can pretty much make an educated guess.

Now consumers have a choice of which carrier they want their Samsung Galaxy Camera on. For those who opt for the LTE Samsung Galaxy Camera, be aware that your data network won’t cooperate with you outside of the US, so you’re going to have to rely on WiFi on your journeys abroad.

Source: Engadget & Android Guys

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