Samsung Galaxy Note II Gets Android 4.1.2 Leak

After both the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy S III get leaked builds of Android 4.1.2, the Galaxy Note II joins in on the fun. The 4.1.2 leak is build N7100XXDLJ2 and contains a bunch of new features.

The coolest feature is shown off in the video. Though it’s a bit useless, it looks absolutely amazing. Touching the lockscreen creates the ripples, like every other build, but touching the lockscreen with the S Pen creates an ink splatter that fades into the water.

You also get customizable notification toggles, a removable brightness slider in the notification panel, a Multi-View toggle, new Swype-like input in the Samsung keyboard, a Group Cast app, and a smoother browser. A great new update that will hopefully launch soon.

If you’re going to flash this, note (heh) that it is only for the international model (N7100). Also consider that this is a pre-release build and that it may be buggy. It is also not supported by Samsung, so do this at your own risk. Happy flashing!


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