Samsung Galaxy Note II On Verizon Finally Begins To Ship

While most carriers got the popular Galaxy Note II last month, Verizon was a bit behind. While they gave no definitive date, many customers who pre-ordered said that Verizon was giving them a November 27th ship date. Well Verizon stayed true to their word, and we can confirm that at least some Note IIs have begun to ship.

As for a retail and wide-spread sale date, we have no information at this time. However, it’s great to see that Verizon is finally getting the device out. The only unfortunate part is that the delay is most likely due to the extra branding on the home button, something that was met with much dismay from the tech community. Either way, it’s at least good to hear that Verizon is finally getting Note IIs out of the warehouse and into consumers hands.

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