Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Rollout To Begin December 3 In Canada

Well, it looks like Samsung is ready to begin its North American Jelly Bean rollout for the Galaxy S III. Though it’s not the US, Samsung Canada has just released a statement via Twitter that the Jelly Bean update will begin its rollout December 3rd. That hits their previous predicted timeframe of “before the holidays,” something we can all appreciate.

There is some bad news though, as the manufacturer did not list any specific carriers that will be getting the update. This could go one of two ways; either every carrier updates at the same time, or a few are left behind. We’re definitely hoping for the former, as it would make the first time any manufacturer has pulled unanimous update for an Android device across multiple carriers.

As for us in the US, this means two things. First, we have no idea when we’ll get the actual update, but it must be imminent. Second, those living on the edge with hacking and modding should have some fresh Jelly Bean ROMs in a weeks time. It’s good to see that Samsung is finally rolling out its North American rollout, now we just have to wait for the US.

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