Samsung’s S-Memo Found To Have Security Flaw In Rooted Devices

Courtsey of the diligence and constant tinkering by the XDA community a major security issue has been identified on Samsung’s S Memo enabled devices. This flaw is only attributed to rooted devices. As always when rooting a device you always have the potential to have security breaches so its always important to reference how to consider this when making a decision to root or not.

Nevertheless, while going through his S-Memo SQLite files on his Samsung Galaxy SIII, XDA user graffixnyc, found out S-Memo stores Google account passwords in plain text, instead of utilizing any encryption technology. It was then identified following graffixnyc’s post in an open forum thread, another XDA user named ViViDboarder highlighted rooted devices will be able to view internal contents like that of the SQLite files.

Certainly this can be troubling to hear, but is a great reminder of the risks associated to rooting and what you may need to look out for. While this won’t prevent someone from rooting it is a good wake up call.

XDA via Talk Android

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