Some Nexus 4 Buyers Getting Email Of Backorder, Delayed 3 Weeks

This is some pretty bad news, but it seems that Google oversold the Nexus 4. Today, people have started getting emails saying that their order is delayed up to 3 weeks due to overwhelming demand. Twitter is full of people talking about it. Unfortunately, the email was sent close to the day that they were supposed to arrive at people’s doors. Google, you don’t have the best timing. Though luckily, Google will waive your shipping fee due to this inconvenience.

It’s understandable that they sold out, but it is a bit surprising that they oversold them. We noticed that people were hammering the site, refreshing it like there is no tomorrow, hoping for a change to buy one. Maybe the trickle of Nexus 4 orders after a ton of refreshes was just a bug. Either way, some of you will have to wait up to 3 weeks for your Nexus 4 now. It could be less, we don’t know, but the “up to” phrasing gives us a little hope. We’re sorry.

Thanks JoelAnderson1 for the tips!

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