Some Nexus 4 Handsets Are Having Earpiece Issues

It looks like the Nexus 4′s missing December mishap wasn’t the only issue plaguing the device. It seems that many users are dealing with a very annoying hardware issue with their brand new Nexus 4 handsets; one that might not be easily fixed with just a software update.

Users have been reporting that the earpiece on their Nexus 4 have been emitting a faint, buzzing or clicking noise which occurs even if the phone isn’t in use. Users have tried everything from switching off WiFi to switching on Airplane mode, but the noises persist.

Hopefully it isn’t a shielding issue and can be properly fixed with a software update.

On a more optimistic note, this doesn’t seem to be affecting all Nexus 4′s, but only a certain batch. One of the users compared his unit with his friend’s and his friend’s Nexus 4 is working perfectly fine. Just some hope for those of you still waiting for your devices or are planning to buy one.

Source: Pocketnow via Google

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