Sony Mobile Sales Chief Promises Top-End Smartphone Early Next Year

In a move that might not display a real sense of confidence in their existing handset lineup, Sony Mobile Chief Dennis van Schie said to the Financial Times Deutschland: 

“We will create in the near future a flagship model that can compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S III.”

Given that Sony just released the Xperia TL, it doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement for the current smartphone lineup. However, it does present some hope that Sony will present something early next year at the Consumer Electronics Show in January or Mobile World Congress in February. Could the Sony Yuga be the so-called super device Sony is planning on showing off?

As for the company’s tablet selection, Sony will stay in the market but admits the profit margin is very difficult and doesn’t plan to make any sweeping changes to their tablet platform. “We will bring in addition to the existing Xperia Tablet other Android tablets to the market, but not many,” said Van Schie. Such a move is hopefully a focus on quality over quantity, and we would welcome such an action by Sony.

As for Sony’s wide selection of online storefronts, van Schie says that his company will better integrate all the company’s storefronts in 2013 and bring a single user ID capable of accessing device content across all devices. Another move that would be welcomed with open arms.

Let’s hope Sony can live up to their superphone claims as manufacturing a device that will be as well received as the Galaxy S III is a tall order. One that the company could either meet and surpass or spectacularly fail at. Let’s hope it’s the former.

PhoneArena via Engadget, Financial Times Deutschland

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