Spigen SGP Mobile Stand Kuel S20 Review

The Spigen SGP Mobile Stand Keul S20 is a stand for your smartphone, be it on your desk, in your car, or anywhere with a flat surface. With a suction cup at the bottom and a ball-and-socket joint at the top, it can hold your device in any position you want it to. And with an adjustable mount, it’ll fit nearly any phone, including ones with cases on them. But does it do its job well? Keep reading and find out!

Spigen SGP Mobile Stand Kuel S20
Where to buy: Spigen Site
Price: $24.99
What is it: A mobile stand for the desk, car, or any flat surface
Device compatibility: Universal for phones


This product is plain gorgeous. Let’s just get that out of the way. As part of Spigen’s Kuel series, this product is made to look good, and it plays the part. Though the base is made of plastic, it has a good sheen to it that looks faintly metallic. The red ring also comes in blue and gray, if you’re interested in less crazy colors. But even in red, this thing looks classy. It won’t look out of place stuck a desk or even a car. The metallic red stand looked surprisingly good stuck to my metallic black car.


The design on this stand is very solid. The lever to attach the suction cup to a flat surface is tough to push all the way, but once it’s secured, you can be sure this thing will never fall off. It’s been on my desk with a phone in it for days and it’s still solid. I can’t say the same thing for many GPS mounts.

Due to the handy ridges on the colored ring, it’s easy to grip when both adjusting the position of the mount and pushing the lever to secure it. It seems that they thought the design through really well, as it’s smooth and round for a great look but provides something to grip, a necessity on this device.

The ball-and-socket joint is fairly well designed. It’s completely made out of plastic, so it may not be the most solid construction possible, but for $25, you definitely get your money’s worth. This is no cheap plastic, it’s well constructed. I’ve hit the thing with my arm many times, and it has barely budged. However, when you want to adjust it, it moves around easily. I’m very impressed.


Since this is a universal mount, it should fit most phones. My 4.3″ Galaxy S II slips in there easily, even with an SGP case on it. I have no doubt that a Galaxy S III would fit in there, but the original Galaxy Note would worry me. I haven’t tested this, so don’t take my word for it, but the Note might just be too big for this stand. However, it grips even smaller phones very well.

OK, so it’s built well, looks great, and is compatible with most phones. But how can I use it? Well I’ve been using it nonstop for the past week. I can definitely say it’s extremely useful. My initial thoughts were that I would only use it in the car, and I have done so quite often.

It’s a fantastic car mount. Its low profile allows it to fit in small places (for example, if your car has a very slanted windshield). Its suction cup is extremely sturdy, much more so than any GPS unit I’ve ever used. It also adjusts well enough to be used in many places, even the drivers side window.

Aside from that, I thought it’d have no use. I was very wrong. I keep it attached to my desk to my left side. My laptop is there, at an angle, so there is very little space. The stand fits there perfectly and keeps the phone angled at my face so I can see info, whether it be texting while gaming or information to help me with various tasks. It’s such a useful product, and for a very good price.


So far, this product has not disappointed. It has been very useful to me, and I was very surprised how nice it is to have your phone propped up on your desk like that. Plus, build quality and looks are excellent. It’s a solid product for a solid price, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a nice car mount or stand in general.


I was told by a Spigen rep that this stand can not support phones larger than a Galaxy Nexus. It’s made for smaller phones like the iPhone. My first one snapped, so Spigen was kind enough to send me a replacement, and this one has been going strong for a long time.


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