T-Mobile Begins Selling MicroSIM Adapters For Those Who Swap Phones Often

T-Mobile has now begun to sell adapters for SIM cards for a measly $4.99. If you frequently switch phones, this could be a great item to own. Once you purchase a microSIM, or cut yours down to the right size, it will no longer fit in older phones like the Galaxy Nexus. These adapters will help you use old phones. However, you should always be careful taking out these adapters. They do have a tendency to get caught in the pins, tearing them out and ruining a phone.

It’s a good move on T-Mobile’s part though, selling these. So thank you T-Mo, thanks for understanding. Will you guys be buying one from T-Mobile? Or do you already own one? Is $5 too expensive? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Android Central

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