T-Mobile Deal: Free Samsung Devices With Contract On November 16th And 17th

T-Mobile is having a great sale this weekend. On the 16th and 17th of November, many Samsung devices will be free on contract. While you’ll have to pay the full price, you’ll get a mail-in rebate for the entire sum. Even the Galaxy S III will be free to you! It’s a great deal if you’re a T-Mobile customer or willing to switch to T-Mo. It could save you a good $300 with an S III.

With Galaxy S III on a Classic plan, you’ll have to pay $299.99 and get a $300 mail-in rebate back. With a Value plan, it’s $199.99 down with a $200 mail-in rebate plus the remaining balance being payed off every month. Either way, it’s a good sale for those who have wanted a Samsung phone for free on contract. Hit the source link for more info!

T-Mobile Deals | TmoNews

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