The Adoption Rate For Android Phones Reaches Six Times That Of Apple’s iPhone

In news that Android fanboys will certainly rejoice over, Android adoption rates are soaring through the roof especially when compared to the platform’s biggest rival in Apple‘s iPhone. Mary Meeker, an investment partner at KPCB, revealed a quick glimpse into her annual Internet Trends report that ultimately showcased this stat. The report reveals that Android smartphones have experienced growth at six times that of the iPhone. This certainly is in line with the data that has been released by IDC lately.

In her report, Meeker, utilizes data from Gartner and Morgan Stanley to formulate the figure that is highlighting Android’s growth. This news is a significant improvement over the growth Android handsets (4x vs the iPhone) were enjoying as of Meeker’s last report this past Spring.

Other noteworthy items from the report are that by year’s end there will be 1 billion smartphone users worldwide. While this number seems significant, it still is only a 1/5 of the total 5 billion users total. In addition, the number of internet-connected Android devices surpassed the number of internet-connected Windows devices shipped in Q1 2012.

Via her report, Meeker estimates that by the end of 2013, 160 million Android devices, 80 million Windows devices, and 100 million iOS devices will be shipped every quarter. Despite Android’s success, Apple’s performance is a testament to the company’s effectiveness especially when you keep in mind they only carry 1 smartphone device compared to the various Android options.

On an interesting note, iPad adoption is much (5x) higher than that of its smartphone cousin and it’s probably safe to assume that number will rise once the figures from the iPad 4 and iPad mini are factored in. While not featured, it will be interesting to see how the Nexus7/10 will end up faring against the performance of the Nexus 4 in Meeker’s next report.

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