Two Ads For The HTC DROID DNA Surface

The first ad shows off the features of the upcoming device. With a 5″ screen with a massive 1920×1080 resolution, you get 440 pixels per inch. When HTC calls that game-changing, I’m tempted to believe them, something they made clear today during the joint announcement with Verizon. It also shows off the quad core processor, the camera tech HTC is known for, and the general aesthetics of the device. It’s a good, informational ad.

Now if you want to see a flashy yet non-informational ad, here you go:

The phone may very well bring success to HTC, as it looks very well thought out and powerful. If it lasts 14 hours with good use on that small battery and with that power hungry display, then I think anyone would be happy with it. What do you guys think of the DROID DNA now that it’s official? Tell us in the comments!

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