UTorrent For Android Now Has A WiFi Only Option For Downloads

uTorrent For Android finally includes the option to download files only via WiFi. Now you don’t have to worry about your device losing your WiFi signal and accidentally downloading all of your torrents through your carrier’s data networks. This is a long, overdue update especially for those of us who have data caps on our smartphone/tablet data plans. There’s no more risk of incurring overage charges or having our data capped.

Alongside the inclusion of “WiFi only” downloads, the uTorrent update also includes some stability improvements for a few of those devices that were having difficulty with the app. Also keep in mind that uTorrent for Android is still in beta, so you may run into problems here and there.

You can download uTorrent from Google Play for free, and remember, only download your files legally.

Android Central via Google Play