Verizon And Amazon Partnering Up To Provide Another Ecosystem On Android, DROID DNA Is First

One of the best parts of Android is the fact that it’s so open, and Verizon Wireless has decided to take full advantage of that. Along with the announcement of HTC’s DROID DNA, Verizon has announced that they will be partnering with Amazon to provide their whole ecosystem in phones, starting with the DROID DNA. That’s right, a whole extra ecosystem on Verizon’s phones from the get-go.

Open first seeing this, I thought that it’s just another way for both Amazon and Verizon to scam even more money out of people. Upon further thought, I realized that this just gives more options to Verizon customers, something that no one should be complaining about.

A single app will be preloaded on the DROID DNA and future phones, providing all of Amazon’s services including books, movies, music and apps. It’s another one stop shop much like Google Play, adding to the convenience. We’ll have a DROID DNA in coming days, so keep an eye out for our full review of Amazon’s new app.


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