Verizon CFO States Company Will Finish LTE Network By Mid-2013

Verizon Wireless has by far the largest and most advertised of 4G LTE network. Well earlier today, Verizon’s CFO Fran Shammo discussed his company’s plan to fully roll out their 4G LTE network by mid-2013. This news reveals the company apparently is ahead of schedule, close to six months sooner than the company had previously mentioned it would accomplish this task.

According to Shammo, Verizon’s LTE 4G network covers 250 million Americans today, and will cover 260 million by the end of the year. At the end of the third quarter, approximately 15 million post-paid customers were using LTE gear, and 35% of Verizon’s network traffic is transiting its LTE network. Certainly numbers Verizon is quite proud of. For comparison purposes, AT&T’s LTE Network is expected to cover 150 million POPs by the end of this year, and 250 million by the end of 2013, and 300 million by the end of 2014. In addition, Sprint has launched its own LTE network in a few dozen markets so far and plans to have 100 covered with LTE by the end of 2012. T-Mobile is expected to launch its own LTE network at some point in 2013.

Fierce Wireless via PhoneScoop

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