Verizon Website Confirms HTC DROID DNA Name For 5″ Smartphone?

Verizon’s upcoming ADR5435, a device that’s been confirmed to sport a 5″ 1080p display, and a Snapdragon S4 processor makes another cameo appearance on Verizon material. This time, it’s on Verizon’s website directly under the support section with the ADR6535 name showing up as the HTC DROID DNA.

The DROID DNA name is currently what we believe to be the street name for the HTC DLX, which is also known as the HTC J Butterfly overseas. Some images of the device popped up on October 20th showing Verizon and Beats Audio branding including a 4G LTE logo further lending credence to an upcoming Verizon launch.

There’s been some debate about the amount of RAM inside the DNA, with some information showing 1.5GB and others showing 2GB, including the most recent pictures. Still, until we can get our hands on something official from Verizon, this is about as “official” as we can get with something leaking straight from Verizon’s own website.

Verizon via HTC Source


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