Virgin Mobile USA Phone Sales -Offer Ends Soon-

If you’re looking for a new prepaid phone on Virgin Mobile USA, now is a fantastic time to buy one. Virgin Mobile USA is having a great sale on select phones and through various websites. Here is the breakdown of the sales:

HTC Evo V 4G – $149.99 ($100 down from $249.99) -Ends 11/26/2012. You save $100.00, but that’s not all. If you purchase the phone via FatWallet, you can get up to $22.50 cash back. That’s a total of  $122.50 you can save.

Samsung Galaxy Reverb – $99.99 ($100 down from $199.99). Again if you use FatWallet, you can save up to $122.50.

HTC One V - $99.99 ($100 down from $199.99) – Ends 11/24/2012. If you’re looking for the HTC One V, it’s better to buy it from Radioshack rather than Virgin Mobile’s website. Why? Not only is the HTC One V $50 cheaper at Radioshack’s sale compared to Virgin Mobile’s sale, you also get a $20 coupon at Radioshack for spending $100 (just buy something minor to bring your total over $100 before tax). So all in all, you’ve spent around $80 for your new HTC One V.

LG Optimus Elite (Black or White) – $49.99 down from $129.99 – You’ll have to buy the LG Optimus Elite from BestBuy, but you’ll save $80.00 in doing so.

These sales won’t last long, so jump on them ASAP. Happy holidays!


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