webOS Made To Run On Nexus S (No, Not Well) As An Android App

We have all seen webOS being ported to various Android devices, with major progress being made on the Galaxy Nexus. And personally, I wish these devs all the best because I adore webOS (I actually use an HP Veer as my main device sometimes) and would love to see it ported to Android devices. If I can get webOS on an HD Super AMOLED display, I would die happy.

However, this project is a little different. They aren’t only porting webOS to an Android device, they’re attempting to package it all as one APK and allow you to run it as an app inside Android. Can you imagine an entire OS, in full, inside a single APK? Running an OS as an app on top of a different OS? It sounds glorious.

This project, as you can see, is nowhere near done. It is literally unusable. But I have every bit of hope in the Phoenix International Communications team. All my life’s dreams rest in your hands.


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