Zapstreak, The Android Airplay Alternative, Launches Globally Today

Zapstreak aims to be the Airplay of Android devices. Zapstreak is an SDK that can be used in apps for media streaming to any connected TV or console without needing to purchase dongles, hardware, or anything extra. Using DLNA streaming technology, this SDK can be used to integrate streaming into any Android app.

During its beta phase, Zapstreak has seen a lot of success. Many app developers have adopted it, including musiXmatch and video2brain. Thomas Friedl, lead developer of video2brain, says “We want to serve as many platforms as possible, giving our subscribers the choice to learn whenever and wherever they want. Using Zapstreak, we were able to bring our video based courses to the living room, turning smart TVs into a rich source of 21st century education.” And to top it all off, Zapstreak beta has been used to stream 1,000 hours of content in only a month.

The first 100 developers to sign up for the Zapstreak SDK will receive a free month of access to it (hit the source link). From then on, you’ll have to pay to use it. SDK’s for both Windows Phone and iOS are also planned, but for now, this is an Android only deal.

They might face some competition from Google, as they have expressed that they want to create an open streaming method, emphasis on the word open. But that may be months or even more than a year away, and Zapstreak has a chance to get a lot of market share. Streaming from Android devices is extremely important to me, so I wish Zapstreak the best of luck.

Full press release:

Zapstreak, the SDK that enables developers to create an Airplay-like experience on Android, comes out of beta and launches globally

Tool offers media app developers the ability to allow end-users to push music, videos and images to connected TVs without the need for additional hardware

Poznan, Poland; 29th November 2012, 11am CET – After spending six months in beta, Zapstreak; the Polish startup with a mobile SDK for media app developers, today announces its global launch. When embedded within a media app Zapstreak’s technology creates an Airplay experience where users can beam music, videos or images to a connected TV, without the need for any additional hardware.

For the end-user, Zapstreak adds a totally new dimension to the viewing experience at home. Users can share images with friends and family, watch their favourite movies on the TV screen or listen to music, all at the touch of a button. For developers, Zapstreak offers the opportunity to increase the ‘stickiness’ of their media apps, making them more appealing for the consumer and setting them apart from the competition. In addition to this, Zapstreak represents an extremely cost-effective way of negating huge native app development costs.

Zapstreak adopts the use of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), the technology standard that allows the sharing of digital content between connected devices like TVs, Wi-Fi radios, home entertainment sets or game consoles. The vast majority of connected TVs being sold today include the DLNA standard, an opportunity the founders of Zapstreak are looking to capitalise on.

According to a recent study by adRise, the growth rate of connected TV development is increasing at ‘breakneck pace’. Findings showed that usage among all connected TV devices is increasing, leading to a 25x growth surge in the use of apps. During Zapstreak’s beta phase alone, an impressive 1000 HOURS of content was beamed – over a month in total.

During the beta phase, Zapstreak’s technology has been adopted by a number of developers looking to offer more to their users. musiXmatch, used to discover song lyrics, is one such app. “Our goal is to create the best music experience both on mobile and desktop”, said Francesco Delfino, co-founder, musiXmatch. “When we decided to add DLNA support, we choose Zapstreak’s SDK because it’s simple, powerful and multiplatform. Exactly like our apps.“

“Our goal is to provide the best video training in the most convenient way,” said Thomas Friedl, lead developer of video2brain, an online mobile tuition platform. “We want to serve as many platforms as possible, giving our subscribers the choice to learn whenever and wherever they want. Using Zapstreak, we were able to bring our video based courses to the living room, turning smart TVs into a rich source of 21st century education.”

Matt Rutkowski, CEO and co-founder of Zapstreak, said, “We’re really looking forward to the full launch of Zapstreak. The team has been building up to this moment for some time and we’re looking forward to working closely with more and more Android developers over the coming months. “

His partner and co-founder Stefan Bielau continued, “We’re hearing every day that the global app market keeps growing. As the industry becomes increasingly crowded, developers need to be able to set themselves apart from the competition, recruit more users by offering extra functionality and then retain them. We believe Zapstreak offers an unrivalled opportunity to help do this.”

From today, the first hundred developers to sign up will have a month’s free access to the SDK. To sign up, please visit here. An SDK for both Windows Phone and iOS and are also planned for the coming months. For details on pricing, please visit here.

For more information about Zapstreak, please visit


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Fusion Sheep Sp. z o.o. is a mobile development studio based in Poznan, Poland. Founded by Matt Rutkowski and Stefan Bielau in 2011, it is dedicated to changing and enriching the TV experience at home.
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Zapstreak Launch

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