ZTE Updates Phone To 4.2, We Struggle To Lift Jaw Off Floor

The ZTE N880E was one of the first devices to be released with Android 4.1, and only weeks after 4.2 source drops, ZTE is pushing an Android 4.2 update out to the mid range device. Yes, while the Samsung Galaxy S III (one of the first devices to get 4.1 officially) is still getting 4.1 in places, and is even stuck on 4.0.4 in others, a lesser known company is pushing 4.2 to a device. That’s some serious speed in updating, and I can only wish other manufacturers could follow suit.

The device is a low end one, with a 1 GHz processor and only 512MB of RAM, yet it gets 4.2 anyway. Most Android phones were denied the 4.0 update because of having 512MB of RAM or less, let’s think about that. What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment!

Android Central

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