Android 4.2 Gmail, Along With Auto Fitting And Swipe To Delete, Now Available For All 4.0+ Devices

The update the Gmail Android app received in Android 4.2 was pretty huge, in my opinion. The swipe to archive/delete function is nice and useful (and a direct rip from webOS, which is understandable since Android’s director of user experience Matias Duarte used to be VP of Palm). But the biggest feature is the message auto-fitting, which zooms out all the way when you open an email. The most frustrating thing about the Gmail app was that all emails were zoomed in, and there was no way to view emails with big photos or long layouts properly. With Android 4.2, it was all possible.

In an amazing decision, Google decided to release this amazing update to all Android phones running 4.0 and up. No longer do you need 4.2, now even your old phones stuck at ICS can enjoy the completeness of the new Gmail app. Now I can confidently say that the Gmail experience on Android is perfect. If you want auto-fitting, make sure to enable it in Settings! I forgot to do so at first, don’t make the same mistake. Hit the source link to update the app, or do so on your device. If it doesn’t show up in My Apps as having an update, just press on it in the My Apps list and you should get an update button.

Play: Gmail | Android Police

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