Art Basel Exhibit Will Use 100 Google Nexus 7′s As Art Displays

The Art Basel in Miami, Florida will utilize 100 Google Nexus 7′s in an upcoming exhibit for the Scope Art Fair.

The exhibit will be called CNNCTD+100 and will feature 100 Google Nexus 7′s spread across a 75-foot wall to showcase various artwork from New York-based artists.

The exhibit will feature both a visual and audio aspect to it in order to give viewers a full sense of New York culture.

There will be 100 artists featured, including Yoko Ono, Spike Lee, Paz de le Huerta, and Pharrell Williams.

The Nexus 7′s will feature an app that is specifically designed for the CNNCTD+100 show, and will use Playbuttons to deliver the audio/visual art.

It’s an innovative idea and it’s blending traditional art exhibits with the digital aspects of the modern day. One question I would like to ask is, “Will the art of all 100 artists be accessible by a single tablet?”.  There are Nexus 7′s plastered at very high points of the wall which seems inaccessible to people who aren’t Slender Man.

Ubergizmo via Chip Chick

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